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Merveilles ménagères : Des objets qui vous font admirer leurs merveilles ! (2)

Bien sûr, les couvre-chaussures imperméables ont plus d’une utilité. Lorsque vous chérissez vos baskets ou que le matériau de vos chaussures est délicat et que vous ne voulez pas qu’elles soient endommagées ou salies par l’eau, vous pouvez enfiler des couvre-chaussures imperméables les jours de pluie ou de neige.

Lorsque vos chaussures sont très blanches, même une petite quantité d’eau peut les salir, et que vous êtes trop paresseux(se) pour les laver fréquemment, vous pouvez également enfiler les couvre-chaussures.

When you know the road ahead is muddy and challenging, but you still choose to forge ahead courageously, it’s also wise to be prepared and have waterproof shoe covers on hand.

Electronics Dust Cover:
Speaking of rain shoe covers, it reminds me of another similar item—electronic dust covers.

With the arrival of autumn and winter, it’s time to put away items like fans and also consider storing them

Laptop Stand:Laptop stand, this item is well understood by those who work at a desk for extended periods; it is beneficial for the cervical spine and is very necessary.

I always thought that laptop stands in the world looked like the common ones, and although they can be folded, it’s especially challenging to squeeze them into a bag. Until I encountered this stand, I was ecstatic. Finally, a truly portable stand that can be easily tucked into a bag.

The reason it can become so small is mainly because its structure is as shown in the diagram.

Relying on its retractable design, it matches the compatibility with laptop size and height, not inferior to ordinary stands at all. It can accommodate laptops up to 15.6 inches in size.

Monitor Hanging Lamp:Me before using a screen hanging lamp: The screen emits light on its own, is it necessary to buy a monitor hanging lamp?

After using it, whenever someone mentions a monitor hanging lamp to me: Buy, definitely buy! Because this thing is truly irreplaceable and delightful. Every night when I stay up late typing, I turn off the main light, switch on the screen hanging lamp, and engage in a soulful conversation with readers I have never met.

Its main purpose is to provide supplementary light for the screen. By relying on a screen hanging lamp, it can reduce screen glare, alleviate visual fatigue, and secondarily, it can provide illumination for the desktop. In fact, a desk lamp also has this effect, but a desk lamp takes up more space on the desk, and it can only be placed on one side of the monitor, unable to uniformly light up the entire screen.Finally, some monitor hanging lamps come with dimming functionality. Occasionally, when needed, they can also serve as ambient lighting.

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